Upcycling plant

We are developing a fully automated and scalable solution to cost-effectively process used, dismantled solar modules for a second life cycle. In the upcycling plant, the solar modules are cleaned, identified, tested and damaged components (e.g. connectors) are replaced if possible. After passing through all the test stations, a meaningful test report is created based on the measurement data.

The video shows a draft of the stationary upcycling plant.


Identification of the solar module type for parameterizing the function tests and status recording.


Fully automated solar module handling, starting from a pallet including pre-selection and size measurement.


Wet cleaning including water treatment and drying zone automatically adapted to the solar module size.


Condition assessment using test methods, some of which were developed in-house.


Optional refurbishing for solar modules intended for a second life cycle.


Labeling of the solar modules for clear assignment of the test report.

Integration of the upcycling plant

The primary life cycle of a solar module begins with production. In the future, the raw materials required, e.g. glass, silicon, metals and various plastics, will increasingly come from recycling processes compared to the current situation. Various reasons, such as repowering, defective solar modules and subsidies, mean that solar modules are dismantled before they reach the end of their technical service life and sent for waste management. The planned location of the upcycling plant is at collection points, recycling companies and waste companies. Used solar modules are cleaned and checked or, if necessary, repaired cost-effectively and in large quantities using the stationary upcycling system. Defective solar modules are fed directly into the recycling process and a standardized test protocol for solar modules that are still functional forms the basis for sale and use in a second life cycle.

We are currently working on developing and manufacturing a prototype of the upcycling system in several development stages. If you have any suggestions or questions about the upcycling system, please do not hesitate to contact us. ​

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