Our location in Amstetten

Finding a suitable location for our company was no easy task. Our requirements for an office with adjoining hall space including an indoor crane, proximity to our partner MGG and good access to the public transport network presented us with a challenge. But we finally found what we were looking for in Amstetten.

However, the premises we found were badly neglected and in urgent need of renovation. As enthusiastic craftsmen, we decided to take the renovation into our own hands. From cleaning and painting to electrical installation, installing new lights, setting up the network, furnishing the kitchen and installing video surveillance - we carried out every step ourselves and are proud of the result.

This renovation was not only a physical change to the premises, but also an opportunity for us to grow together as a team and demonstrate our skills and commitment. We are convinced that these new premises will not only provide us with an inspiring working environment, but will also strengthen the cohesion and teamwork within our company.

The team gets to work

Comparison (before | after)

The result

Interested parties are cordially invited to visit us in Amstetten and find out more about our company and the development of our upcycling plant. We look forward to sharing our passion and commitment with you and giving you an insight into our work. Please contact us to arrange a visit - we would be delighted to welcome you!

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